So what is Bruadar?

Bruadar is an App developed by Litha Group.  Litha specialises in psycholinguistic artificial intelligence and has successfully revisioned psychometetrics, digital therapy, and chatbots.

Bruadar helps to build individual and corporate psychological health through the integration of three key elements:

First, Employee Assistance through the next generation of EAP (employee assistance programme) – have unlimited and confidential access to mental health screening and therapy designed to resolve the problem rather than just work on the symptoms.

Second, Employee Experience with a complete revisioning of old-fashioned and no longer fit-for-purpose psychology metrics.  Focus on building individual, team / shift and collective psychological strength in context and in real-time.

Finally, Employee Engagement through our proprietary technologies paying attention to the employee voice.


In any organisation, there are individual and collective psychologies and communications styles acting in a continual flow.

As humans, we react dynamically to circumstances, events and people – and these dynamic reactions create their own new set of reactions.

This complex and dynamic flow is what makes organisations tick (both good and bad).

Bruadar is the personalised virtual colleague supporting the psychological health of every employee in your organisation.

This includes:

  • Individual & team psychology development
  • Mental health screening & support
  • Analysis & insights informing corporate strategy

Bruadar is built on a foundation of leading-edge AI technologies with a focus on using conversation to contextualise everything.

Litha’s research and development has created a whole new way to explore organisational psychology.  This means that every employee has their 24/7 psychology coach that can (with permission), feed into team psychology insights.  Due to the sophisticated nature of this technology, it can help with psychology development, team building & balancing and a whole host of other applications.

With regards to employee mental health, Bruadar offers unlimited mental health screening to clinical standards as well as limitless conversations.  This includes ‘journalling’ for when you just want to talk and offload without interruption.

Our pioneering therapeutical conversation space puts the employee at the centre of the therapy.  Rather than using scripted conversations, Litha’s Conversationer allows for unscripted, wide-ranging chats that can focus in on resolving mental health issues.

If you have used any form of messenger (Telegram, Signal, etc.), then you will be immediately at home with Bruadar.  The best way to get the greatest benefit from it is to simply talk.  The more you talk, the more personalised the experience.


This ground-breaking approach to employee assistance, experience and engagement is going through it’s latest trials.  The full launch takes place on August 1 and we are now speaking with organisations keen to transform through technology.